Prime quality timber from the southern Swedish highlands

Nydala's timber products include spruce and redwood from the southern Swedish highlands with excellent characteristics for construction timber and panels.

Our planing mill has two modern planing lines with capacity for fast processing of both large and small series. We are highly flexible and offer various types of products including strength graded timber, inner and outer panels, tongued and grooved board, building studs, precision cross-cutting and bundling. We also perform pressure impregnation.

All the timber is artificially dried in chamber kilns or progressive kilns.


Whitewood boards
16x75, 16x100, 22x75, 22x100, 22x125, 22x150, 32x125, 32x150
Whitewood Centrum
47x100, 47x125, 47x150, 47x175, 47x200, 47x225, 47x250, 63x160, 75x175, 75x200, 75x225, 75x250

Redwood boards
16x75, 16x100, 25x75, 25x100, 25x125, 25x150, 32x125, 32x150
Redwood Centrum
50x100, 47x125, 47x150, 47x175, 47x200, 47x225, 63x125, 75x150, 75x200, 75x225

Nydala Trävaru is FSC® and PEFC™  certified and holds CE certificates for all its products.